About Sparinvest Property Investors

About Sparinvest Property Investors

Sparinvest Property Investors (SPI) was founded in 2005 and currently manages four real estate funds with total commitments of approximately EUR 1.5 billion. 

SPI is one of the most resourceful and experienced investment managers within indirect real estate and its key characteristics are as follows:

  • Dedicated and Focused; SPI is dedicated to investments in global real estate. SPI focuses on the small and mid-cap segment and carefully selects the best-in-class local operating partners.
  • Extensive negotiation and structuring skills; SPI has broad experience investing in commingled funds, club formats and Joint Ventures. This flexibility provides access to a wide range of unique deals while securing sound corporate governance and appropriate incentive schemes for the local partners.
  • Experienced and well-connected; SPI’s team is seasoned and benefits from a strong network, underpinned by our unique Advisory Board with members located in each target region. 
  • Strong Alignment of Interests; SPI’s team co-invests significant personal capital in its funds and shares both the upside potential and downside risk with investors. In addition, the three founding partners own a significant stake in SPI. 
  • Transparency; Information on each SPI-fund is fully disclosed via our investor-only websites. The information includes the basis of decision for each investment, including the advice from the Advisory Board. 


Sparinvest Property Investors is a member of the following real estate organisations: